Our firm will assist you during all stages of the civil litigation action.  The stages of a civil lawsuit include the investigation into the facts of the case, drafting or responding to a lawsuit, gathering of information from the other side and attending and defending you at a deposition (known as the "discovery" phase), the pre-trial stage, settlement - and if settlement is not possible, through trial.  

Not all stages of a civil lawsuit are required.  In fact, Mr. Buscemi is accomplished at ending cases through obtaining a dismissal or settlement.  However, if a case proceeds through all the stages, you can rest assured Mr. Buscemi has the legal expertise necessary to effectively handle any situation from start to finish.  


If you need real solutions in a divorce or any other type of family law matter, selecting the right attorney is critical.  You can trust the Law Offices of Nicholas A. Buscemi to provide you with high quality, compassionate and very experienced legal representation.  

We specialize in complex, high value divorce cases and cases involving challenging disputes for child custody/visitation (parenting schedule).

We can and will help you find the right answers for your unique situation in a full range of family law matters from divorce (dissolution), property division, and complex child custody and visitation matters, to situations where domestic violence is present, false allegations of domestic violence, to false immigration related cases and even pet disputes.  When you are ready, we are here to deal with any situation using our experience, skills, knowledge of the law and desire to fight for you and your rights.  

Divorce * Child Custody * Child Support * Child Visitation ;

Domestic Violence 

The probate process or the administration of an estate are likely to be contested in court if heirs or other interested individuals believe that their rights were denied. Wills and trusts may be contested for various reasons. A husband or wife can assert a right of election. A fiduciary may have his or her performance questioned. Serious and sophisticated issues are linked to litigated estates. It is vital to obtain skilled legal help and advice to secure your inheritance or protect the estate from false claims. The Law Offices of Nicholas A. Buscemi recognizes the highly emotional and challenges associated with estate litigation. We have expertly represented clients in claims concerning the validity of a will or trust, the administration of estates and trusts and disputed accountings, as well as petitioning the court for appointment as conservator over a person and estate. Our top priority is to lead parties to a sensible and amicable resolution and thereby averting complications, expense and unnecessary conflict. On the other hand, we will fiercely litigate on the part of our clients when required to do so.